15 Beautiful and Weird Photos Of DIY Fur Nails

15 Beautiful and Weird Photos Of DIY Fur Nails

1- The hottest trend on the runway right now? Fur nails! (Don’t worry, it’s not real fur!) Libertine models at Fashion Week this year had fur-tipped fingers. The look apparently took 200 hours to develop. Want to see more? Check these out!


2- These furry green nails may look like something out of Sesame Street. But this monstrous style is all the rage!


3- These nails look soft, fluffy, and almost angelic. Softer fur will create this effect.


4- This shade of brown was one of the most popular on the runway. It’s a perfect way to copy the New York fashion look!


5- Don’t want to do the whole nail? Cut out strips of shorter fur and make stripes! Choose nail polish in the same shade for a fun, subtle accent.


6- Go crazy with every color of the rainbow if you can find fur like this!


7- These two colors go really well together. They’re so cute — almost like another Sesame Street character!


8- Fur may have been on every nail for the models, but you can tone it down by adding it to one nail as a simple accent.


9- Wait… these are fur nails, right? When did carpet swatches come into this?


10- Long nails never go out of style, but these look like they might snag on something. Be careful!


11- One of the reasons to use faux fur is because it has a solid back to it. Sticking fur on by itself can get messy… like this.


12- Do hair extensions count as fur? It’s hard to tell. These definitely look like they might get stuck in something, though.


13- These are soft, fluffy, and cute — like a little squirrel or hamster! They’d look sweet with a fall outfit, wouldn’t they?


14- There’s one big problem with fur nails — a bad nail day! How do you style fur nails when they get out of control like this?


15-These beautiful nails look like something out of a fairy tale. They’re nicely groomed, too!


We know this article is about “beautiful” nails, but it’s only fair to show what happens if you aren’t careful. This is most definitely not how to do fur nails.

Some people may think this new trend is weird or gross, but many see it as an opportunity. Doing your nails is a great way to express yourself in fun and interesting ways. Whether it’s polish, glitter, or fake fur, go out there and have fun!