9 Ways to stay mentally strong in your busy life in 2017

9 Ways to stay mentally strong in your busy life in 2017

Busy life often means a lot of stress. Some people can handle the pressure pretty well, some people simply snap, but everyone feels their share of stress if they lead fast-paced lives. Keeping your mental state healthy isn’t rocket science, but it’s not a breeze either.

We’ve compiled a list of tips to preserve your mental health, and they are as following:

1.Be as organized as possible

Doing your chores and finishing your responsibilities without any form of organization will often leave you breaking in tears. On regular days, an average person with average responsibilities is required to be at several locations, doing various things while being stuck in traffic, in shop queues, and such.

Nobody can guarantee that an organized plan will cover everything – there are certain things that you just can’t predict (like how dense the traffic will be in a couple of hours after you’ve heard the broadcast, for example).

Anyhow, being organized reduces the chances of unexpected “un-pleasantries”, so make sure to plan ahead. If you are wondering how to motivate yourself to eat healthy and exercise, there are professionals who offer help.

2.Determine the source of real problems and exclude unimportant ones

We’re bothered by everything when we’re busy – there’s often too little time to do everything, so we find ourselves in a tight spot. Determining the source of the problem can often cut your work tremendously, and you’ll avoid unnecessary stress.

3.Break your chores/problems down into small pieces and execute bit by bit

There are times when you just can’t do everything in one go. Even the smallest tasks such as going to the grocery store often require several trips. You should definitely try prioritizing if you’re not handling the organization part well – perhaps it’s smarter to finish cooking your lunch before you get your hands dirty with the lawn.

All in all, breaking the problems down isn’t hard, but people get stuck in a fast-paced train of responsibilities that can easily overwhelm everyone. If you want to remain mentally strong, break your problems down into tiny bits and pieces.

4.Open up from time to time

Sometimes people tell themselves that “nobody is interested in what I have to say”. First of all, that’s not true – your family and friends aren’t “bothered” by your problems. You are, and they are here for you when you’re in a pinch.

Secondly, keeping everything inside is extremely hazardous, both physically and mentally. If you don’t share with people, nobody will be able to know how to approach you. Nobody would find a proper way to help you. Open up, and share what’s been bothering you in order to preserve your mental health.

5.Be happy in victory and humble in defeat

Now we’re talking about certain “mind states”. Obviously, there are two main mind states, with a full million in between. The “victor” is used to winning, and, in this case, “winning” would mean overcoming your obstacles and finishing your chores and responsibilities.

The “loser” is, on the contrary, accustomed to losing, and defeat isn’t all that bad for him/her. “Losing”, in this case, would mean that you’re a procrastinator who delays responsibilities and chores. The best way to preserve your mental health is to be in the “golden middle” – be happy when you finish the work, but don’t sulk about it if you don’t manage to finish it. If you don’t know where to start, feel free to ask experts for health or workout motivation tips.

6.Make yourself a priority

Do you feel like the whole world depends on you? Your Boss, your significant other, your kids, your family – everyone has certain expectations, and they want them fulfilled to the letter. This is one of the greatest stress-triggers, so you’d do well to remind yourself that you matter too.

Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself – your chores can wait if you’re about to have a mental breakdown, your boss can wait if your deadlines are overwhelming, and the list goes on and on. You’re a person, and people need to respect that.

7.Take an occasional break

Some people say that “Work sets you free”, and that’s not entirely wrong – doing something meaningful gives you purpose and rewards. On the other hand, work, work, and work alone can be so dulling sometimes that you’ll feel like you want to jump out of your skin.

No job requires you to give your maximum 24/7, so you could definitely find yourself some time to slack off when the situation allows it. Don’t take this advice too literally, though – if you’re a police officer, you can only slack off when there’s no crime to be fought.

8.Shout when you are angry, cry when you are sad

Don’t keep the rage or the sadness inside of you – we’ve already mentioned that you might get ill if you don’t open up from time to time, but this advice is different. Sometimes, you just need to shout it out and cry when you really feel down.

9.Reach out to people if things seem desperate

The world never ended, and whatever problems you have, everything will be just fine. I know, you might think that nobody understands you, or that no one is there to listen, but just try reaching out to people. You’d be surprised.

The only problem occurs when you’re depending on a single person (usually a girlfriend/boyfriend, best friend), and their reactions aren’t always favorable. Speak to your parents, to your other friends, sisters, brothers, whoever. Don’t confine the circle of people who can help you.