Determine Your Eye Shape for Perfect Eye Makeup

Determine Your Eye Shape for Perfect Eye Makeup

When it comes to eye makeup, especially eyeshadow, the shape of the eyes is everything. The right eyeshadow can make eyes look big, brilliant and alluring, while the wrong eyeshadow can make them look dull, small and unwelcoming.


But even before a woman considers eyeshadow, she needs to consider the shape of her eyes. Here’s how to tell the shape:

Hooded Eyes

Theses eyes have lids that look heavy and partly closed.

Wide-Set Eyes

If a woman isn’t sure whether or not her eyes are wide-set, she should measure one of her eyes. If the space between her eyes is larger than the width of the eye, her eyes are wide-set.

Close-Set Eyes

Conversely, the difference between close-set eyes is lecithin the width of the person’s eye.

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Prominent Eyes

These people have full eyes and eyelids that look like they extend out from the face.

Deep-Set Eyes

These eyes are set deep into their sockets, which makes the brow bone seem prominent.

Almond Shaped Eyes

This is self-explanatory, but if a person isn’t sure, they should look straight into a mirror. If part of their iris is covered by their eyelid, they have almond shaped eyes.

Downturned Eyes

This means the outer corners of the eyes turn slightly downward. Though they can make a woman look a bit wistful, these types of eyes belonged to some of the most beautiful women in history, like Marilyn Monroe. The opposite, of course, are upturned eyes.

Monolid Eyes

These eyes have eyelids that don’t have a crease.

How To Apply Eyeshadow
The purpose of eyeshadow is to shape the lid by reducing the look of what the wearer doesn’t want seen and to bring forward what she does want seen and to define and open up the eyes. Basically, applying eyeshadow is the same for all eyes with minor adjustments. There are three key ingredients:

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• The Highlight
Everything that is highlighted will become more prominent. A highlight with a matte finish makes the look more subtle than eyeshadow with a dramatic shimmer. The highlight is applied to the brow bone and the eyelid, but not all the way from the lash line to the brow, since this is unflattering. Add some to the inside corner of the lower lash line to make the eye look larger.

• The Midtone
The midtone is the most important shade. It’s deeper than the highlight but lighter that the contour shade and is important in defining the crease of the eye. Ideally, the midtone is closer to the wearer’s skin tone and has a matte finish. It is applied from the outside corner of the eyelid and moved along the crease of the eyelid all the way to the inside corner.

• The Contour
The contour shade is the deepest color and is used to reshape the eyelid and define the eye, sometimes dramatically. Because of this, there are more contour shades than highlight or midtone shades. To apply, brush across the top lash line from the outside corner toward the inside corner. Blend it in with the eyeliner with a brush. Then, bring the color up to the outer portion of the eyelid crease, and blend it inward to make a gradation of color. The outer corner of the eye should be the darkest and the color should lighten as it’s moved toward the center of the eyelid. To be really dramatic, apply several layers of color.

Tips for Different Eyes
Wide-set eyes should look like they’re a bit closer together than they are, so the inside hollows of the eye next to the bridge of the nose should be darkened.

Close-set eyes have the opposite problem, so the inside corners of the eyes need to be kept light, which will make the eyes seem farther apart. Darker shades should be concentrated on the outside corners.

Eyeshadow for deep-set eyes should bring the eyes forward while de-emphasizing the brow bone. It is best to avoid dark eyeshadows, which make the eyes seem even deeper than they are.

Downturned eyes need to be turned up just a little, and it’s easy to do. Don’t allow the colors of the eyeshadow to meet at the outer corner of the eye. It gives the eye a bit of a visual lift.

Learning how to bring out the best in the eyes is fun, and some people have turned it into a money-spinning art form. A woman should feel free to experiment until she’s found the colors and shades that are best for her.